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In Stop Him, You Fools!, you play as the intrepid adventurer Dash Daring, as you try to escape the clutches of the Imperium RoboGuards, and make your way to your spaceship.  Alternatively, you play as an invincible Imperium RoboGuard, trying to capture the rebellious human Dash Daring and bring him before the judgement of Gorzog, Emperor of Space.   Out-bluff, out-think, or just out-guess your opponent as you travel across the planet of Kleebox IV.

For two players.  No dice are needed, but a d10 be used by the Imperium RoboGuard player to choose locations at random. 

This game was made for the "Wish You Were Here: Postcard Jam."

Install instructions

Simply download, open with your pdf viewer of choice, print, and enjoy!


Stop Him, You Fools! postcard size.pdf 227 kB
Stop Him, You Fools! - full page.pdf 140 kB

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